September 8, 2009

Secrets of Death Cab for Cutie's New Moon Video Shoot

MTV interviewed Death Cab for Cutie about their New Moon video:
And last week, the band, the Robots and an army of lighting techs assembled in a rustic, somewhat creepy ski lodge outside Toronto to film the "Equinox" video. Given the "dark and light" themes of the "Twilight" series (and the fact that the song is named after a solar phenomenon), the clip somewhat fittingly draws heavily on the ideas of day and night and light and shadow.

"The whole idea behind the video is that this house that we're in, this crazy ski lodge of a building here, it's going to get cut together with scenes from the film, sort of like it's a place that might be in Forks, sort of a place that might be next door to Bella's house or something," DCFC guitarist Chris Walla told MTV News. "All the light stuff that's happening through the windows, it's the 'day-turning-into-night-turning-into-day thing,' the idea is that it's supposed to look like a time-lapse thing, only it's not actually a time-lapse thing, and it's quite a trick.

"There's a 50-foot crane outside that some series of structural engineers are operating," he continued. "It's pretty remarkable, I mean, like it's daylight right here, and it's pitch-black right behind us. It's kinda nuts."
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  1. This sounds good! I can't wait to see the video and of course the new trailer! Wonder if we're going to see more of Edward! haha I'm getting crazy waiting for this movie!


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