September 4, 2009

RPattz Poster Calendar

Yes it is different to the one from before - I checked ;) - you can buy yours here

Thanks ROBsessed

- Lorabell


  1. 2nd & 6th make me melttt. I want a bigger version! It DOES say oversized, D:

  2. Ohh myy! Why they do this!!?? haha Now I'll have to buy this calendar...this is going to end my relationship! hahaha I'm getting Robosessed!

  3. Not really my favourite pics, but it'll do since there's no new pics at the time *Sob*

    No. 7 (I think) is cute though, running the fingers through the hair:-D

    @Ismarie: Can't really see how to get away with buying a Rob calendar and trying to explain to my husband, why we have to have it on the wall... Any advice?

  4. hahaha do you have a teenage daughter? haha at least you can say it's for the baby sweetheart! haha This is messing with our lives! Just buy it and tell him that was the only calendar available and you were in a hurry and you just picked the first thing you saw! haha

  5. Hahaha... unfortunately I only have a 7-year old son, which is rather unconcerned about Rob ;-)I tried buying him a Twilight poster, but my husband got in between, 'cause he thought the whole vampire thing was a bit to scary for my son. He didn't even see my evil intentions ;-) Well at least I have my secret life in here:-D

  6. So sorry to heard that!! haha What about a niece?? You can buy a calendar for her and when he asks why do you still have it you tell him that everytime you try to give it to her you forget and maybe he forget about it too...haha This feels like a double life! haha Like you said at least our secret is safe here!

  7. #2 is by far my favorite. I remember the pics from that shoot and I really like them. I'm not sure why. Maybe because he looks more like I imagine he would look like when he's just hanging out? Like guys I would have hung out with at that age (only MUCH better looking). *sigh* I also am married, and have three kids ages 7 and under. NO WAY to excuse having Rob posters around. Good things I can get a daily, um 3x daily fix here!!! :) Love me some good TwiCrack! hehe.

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