September 30, 2009

Rob's massage therapist - I missed that career day!

Mmm, spa hair!

I spied this over at ROBsessed who make the valid point that the sources are The National Ledger and US Weekly... sooo, yeah:

Us Weekly Magazine has an item in their 'Hot Stuff' section this week that may shed some light on the sparkly on-screen vampire that so many girls love.

Robert Pattinson - New Moon and Twilight Star's Secret Spa Trips!
The magazine has this item: "This vampire likes to get pampered. A source tells Hot Stuff that Robert Pattinson, who’s in Vancouver filming Eclipse — the third movie in the Twilight saga — frequents the posh Vida Wellness Spa at Sutton Place Hotel."

"Rob had an hour-long back massage the other day,” the source tells Us, adding that the entire cast often pops in, except for Kristen Stewart, 19, who has not visited since filming New Moon in the spring. When Pattinson, 23, arrived for his most recent treatment (one hour massages start at $120), he used an alias, was “super-quiet” and, despite bodyguards, tried to remain inconspicuous in a hoodie.

The magazine adds the source says the star has more security than he did a few months ago and his plan seemed to work. Says the insider: Pattinson’s masseuse “didn’t know who he was but thought he had a ‘star quality'.
- Lorabell


  1. We are not Masseuse's we are massage therapist's. We don't give HAPPY ENDINGS!!! WE GIVE MASSAGES 4 health & relaxation!!! Thank You & Please Respect the massage industry & change that title!!!

  2. @Jamik: I didn't realize "masseuse" was offensive, I was simply using the term from the article and I'm happy to change the title :)
    - Lorabell!!!

  3. What?! There's someone out there who actually gets to rub oil on Rob's back (besides Kristen)? Mmm, that's one lucky person.

  4. Good Lord! I've been a Licensed Massage Practitioner for 17 years...get a grip and chill on the masseuse moniker. There was no harm meant by it!

  5. I really don't believe this haha I can't imagine Rob getting a massage!! jajaja

  6. Um, coulda been a guy masseuse! They give the best massage imo..more power u know. Just a thought lol.

  7. She didn't know who he was? Is she leaving under a rock or something? If she realy doesn't know him good for her because she still lives on Earth and not on cloud number nine of the internet universe like the rest of us... Ah Rob getting a work done today.

  8. I have a massage table and i'm certified!! Why wasn't I called?!


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