September 7, 2009

Rob spotted by lucky fan!

Aw, hi baby - I missed you!

Frenchie_Vanc saw Rob, Kristen, Bryce, Nikki and Elizabeth at dinner last night and told RobPattison that "Rob is adorable" ... *contented sigh*

Via RPLife

- Lorabell :)

Update: Frenchie_Vanc has posted this further photo

As well as an account (a translation of her native French) of the night - see in full at the Twilight FanZone:

When we come back, I only see Xavier. But then
Ficsmaniak whispers to me "Look, it's Robert."

We get closer slowly and quietly then
Ficsmaniak ask him if we can take a picture with him. Rob accept, he answered us, laughing, because once again, he has been noticed, when he was almost in.

Kristen was also there, but she really not wanted to be bothered. So we respect her choice. As a few asked me, Kristen still have black hair and her mullet cut.

So we wait, without big hope, even with Rob's answer, because others fans saw him and strafe him with their cameras.

Kristen and Xavier get in quickly, and Rob leans toward me, taking me by the shoulder and then I put my arm around his waist :p,
Ficsmaniak ready since a few seconds, rake the picture. He look at her and says sorry that he could not take a picture with her too, she answers him no problem, then he goes in.

While we were taking the picture, I talk with Rob, I told him that I was from France only for see him, it's impressed him, and he was always smiling with me and really sweet. I was already fan of Rob, but meet him just make me love him even more.


  1. *sigh* oh i had a dream that I met him and the rest of the cast...but he was the only one reluctant to shake my hand... whadda nightmare!! lol lucky lady!

  2. oh yummy, my lord is he beautiful!!!!! where is the rest of the cast??

  3. He's so freaking HOT ;) Very lucky lady :)

  4. Very lucky indeed! I bet he hates it that he can't get out with the fans like he used to.

  5. @Heidi: Lol, for a sec I thought your comment said "I bet he hates it that he can't make out with fans like he used to"! :D
    - Lorabell

  6. learn correct grammar..please

  7. @anon 10:05-- if you would read closer, you would see that the person is French. It's not always easy to have perfect grammar when speaking a foreign language. Don't be an ass.

    And after reading this, I'm happy to hear that Rob is still humble. It's nice that fame doesn't seem to change him at all.

  8. How fun to have a Rob spotting! I love that she gives us a Kristen hair update too - that's awesome. :)

  9. Lorabell-Too funny! :)

    Hannah-I hope Rob remains his humble adorable self despite all the attention.

  10. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks for the robandkstewandtherestofthecastspotting!sighh he's so adorable :)

  11. Those are probably the fans he likes to meet. Gracious, quiet and kind.

  12. *D* (aka Danish) Twi-loverSeptember 7, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    That's one lucky girl and such a great example of how to approach Rob. No weirdos attack, please. I bet she's the greatest fan right now after that encounter, and I'm glad she was rewarded for the trip all the way from France :-)

    And most important: Good pic :-D

  13. yeah, he was sweet with us, i really appreciated that meeting, it was cool. i am soo happy for my friend! i think that if you see him be like this he looked that he was touch by our quiet appraoch ;)

  14. ok so were Robsten together?what were they doing??


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