September 20, 2009

Rob on Eclipse set

Robward arriving on the Eclipse set yesterday :)

Via ROBsessed

- Lorabell

Update: Also spotted on set - Daddy C and Ashlice:

Further update: a couple more shots via Rob Pattinson Life ... I totes want to play with the back of his hair *le sigh*


  1. Thank You!

    I am missing Edward so much lately! With NM and all. This made my day.:)

  2. aww hes too cute :D
    love love love

  3. I miss Edward's hair a la Twilight :(
    Still beautiful though :) xxx

  4. Ashley<3 Peter<33 Rob<3 them all looking very good.

  5. is it just me or edward's hair getting shorter and shorter in every sequel? he's looking more rob than edward in the first film...

  6. Who's in charge of his clothes in this movie? Jeez, they're horrible, like a freaky flashback to the 80's. What kind of pants are those...karate pants? David Slade needs to get with the program. Enough with the cheap wigs and the 80's attire for the love of god.

  7. If those are pics of him arriving, I'm sure he's not in costume or hair yet.


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