September 14, 2009

Pic of Rob Backstage at VMAs!

Source: Sagesse223 via TwiExaminer

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  1. Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! This movie is so good in just the tidbits we get! Everything is higher quality - what a few more $$ will do! And the more I see of the stars w/the movie the more impatient I get!! Rob & Kirsten are sooooo hot! I adore Jacob - but sorry honey, Edward and Bella are where it's at! HOT-HOT-HOT! You are a sweetheart though. You ALL AND I MEAN ALL DO A FANTASTIC JOB from what I've seen! The chemistry is just unmistakeable between Rob & Kirsten and they are great actors as well.
    Love ya! wish I was 20 yrs younger - but I'm not that old and I love the music too!


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