September 29, 2009

PFach Tweets about Thank You Letter to Rob

Yesterday we post a Thank You letter to Rob from a very sick fan.

Today, Peter Tweet that he got her message and will be passing it along to Rob... and that is why he's Mr Tweeternelli!

*Heart* you Daddy C!

- Lorabell


  1. Peter is the BEST! That`s why he is THE vampire daddy:-)

  2. I have such ridiculous love for this man.

  3. This is why we love him!! Thanks Peter for all you do!:)

  4. It's why he's my second favourite "Cullen"!

  5. Im uber excited, Peter will be in my neck of the woods on the 11th, so me and a friend are going to meet him. This will mean that I'm only one degree difference from my Robert! I'll tell him all you love him!! :)

    BTW he will be in Vegas on the 11th at the Galleria Mall at noon for those of you who want to come on down and "press your luck"!!


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