September 7, 2009

PFach is just too damn nice :)

He just took time from fight-training in Eclipse to go to Dragon Con (?!) and flew back to see his family for Labour Day - where he's hiding from the sun at his daughter's *soccar game" -and still takes time to laugh and take photos with fans!

Major hearts!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

P.s. That's what you get for Tweeting from 30000ft!

NB: *It's football!


  1. Awww. He really is sweet
    Just shows you that some people don't let the fame go to their head and still think about the fans
    I think that most of the Twilight cast is like this. It's really nice.
    And PFach is just amazing :P

  2. Aww such a sweetie :) I agree with ya Shiny, the Twilight cast are all sweeties :) Love Them ♥

  3. Is that Lou Ferrigno (sp?) with Fach?

  4. now dats what we praise of an actor, being down to earth! hope u dont change!!

  5. so sweet as usual!! Is that John Schneider in front of him on the elevator?

  6. I love him! He's soo humble and lovely with his fans! That's why everyone respects him!

  7. Yeah that is Lou Ferrigno with him. They were both at DragonCon in Atlanta. Its basically the equivqlent of ComicCon but in the South. My friends ran into him and Justin (Eric) at DragonCon they said they came by the blood drive to get everyone pumped up about giving blood and that he was joking around that being around so much blood was too hard for him since he was a vampire. lol


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