October 1, 2009

Official Twi Con cities announced

Creation Entertainment announces:

Join the celebration and make your plans now to visit one or more of The Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour stops! With great guest celebrities, exclusive presentations, raise the roof parties, musical performances, trivia, costume and centerpiece contests, auctions, autographs, photo opportunities, Twilight Lexicon and TwilightMOMS panels, cool vendors with hot licensed merchandise, ultra-exciting surprises, and tons of fellow fans from around the globe: The Tour is THE place to be for Twilight fans!

Via Twilight Poison

- Lorabell *cough*ENGLAND*coughcough*


  1. Dear Lorabell,
    I share your pain yes because here in Puerto Rico we don't get a chance at all to see them. It's really frustrating! I'm suprise they even decided to show the movie the same day as USA! We always get the movies one week behind. Let's cry together hahaha



    now to get my honey to take those days off from work. i told he needs to so i don't do anything to get me arrested. LOL...

    anyone going to the houston one?

  3. ugh...its not on sale in houston yet. :/

  4. I'm going to the Seattle one! And I'm gonna get my pic taken with...


    And, hopefully, get a kiss on the cheek from him. XD

  5. GASP
    is that a Vancouver one i see?
    or am i blind

  6. Where's the one for NYC? o.O They have New Jersey but not NYC? O.o

  7. Uh oh! It's coming to Indianapolis now... That's gonna make it really difficult to stay away ;)

  8. Thank goodness this isn't the "other" twi con folks. That one in Dallas was terrible.

  9. Be careful, once you buy the tix, NO REFUNDS even if all the big stars that signed up drop out of the convention (and many of them do by the time it comes around)
    Look at the Chicago Official Twilight Convention this weekend, all of big stars cancelled leaving the people with one or two lines. I feel sorry for the fans in chi-town this weekend. :(

  10. OME!!! its coming to houston!!!!! now i just have to convince my daddy....

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