September 24, 2009

NYTimes Explores Forks, WA -- Our Twilight Zone

NYTimes' Travel section details a visit to Forks, WA!
Over the last year or so, Forks (population 3,120) has morphed into a mecca for Twilighters, or Twihards as they are sometimes called. Visitors to this rainy town, whose main industries are logging and two correctional facilities, have more than tripled for the first eight months of this year, compared with the same period last year, according to the local Chamber of Commerce. Lodging occupancy is up, and local merchants sell little-vampire pacifiers and Bella and Edward action figures.

“You used to say you were from Forks and people would stare,” said Marcia Bingham, director of the Chamber of Commerce, referring to the “B.T.” (“Before ‘Twilight’ ”) days. “Now when they hear where you’re from, they’re breathless.”

And teenage girls aren’t the only ones hyperventilating. Women — traveling in packs, in pairs or on their own — make up a big part of those on the “Twilight” trail. Susan Englin, a retiree from Colbert, Wash., who has read the books seven times and has downloaded the movie to her iPod, was visiting stepchildren in the area recently and couldn’t resist an outing to Forks. “I get caught up in the characters,” she said.
Read the rest of the great article at NYTimes, and see the slideshow of pictures of Twilighted Forks here.


  1. It's funny, my aunt is planning a whole family vacation to the Olympic National Forest in 2012. She has no idea that it's pretty much the Twilight capitol. My sister and I can't wait that long so we're going to try to visit some time next summer. =D


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