September 14, 2009

New Taylor MTV Video Interview: Darker, More Action-packed Eclipse!

In this VMA interview with MTV, Taylor jokes around about how fans will cry when they see him as a werewolf, talks about how RPattz doesn't need any workout tips, and also gave us some insight as to what Eclipse may be like:
Slade is the third director to helm a "Twilight" flick, and Lautner admits that he's got a whole new dark take on the saga. "It's been good. He's a lot different, but I think he's going to add a cool taste to the movie," he explained. "It might be a little darker."

And Lautner thinks Slade will take the action in this flick, which involves a lot of battling, to the next step. "I feel like the action level is stepping up each and every film. 'New Moon' definitely has a lot more [action] than 'Twilight,' and I feel like Eclipse is bumping it up another level," the actor said.
Read the rest at MTV.


  1. Aaawwww Taylor is too cute, would not admit in public he wins the muscle battle to Rob, not that I mind, I like Rob as lean as he is... and I bet he “doesn’t need” any training tips, because he probably wouldn’t care fore any of them anyway. hahaha

    Good to know that Eclipse will have more action, maybe as the franchise grows it would appeal to the male audience somehow.

  2. We need a live streaming video from the twilight saga fitness centre! Grrreat idea right! Taylor is pretty media trained, i think it's sad for him all the press lands on him because kristen and rob have to hide all the time! He's cute but still a boy ;)

  3. LMAO @ the live streaming video from the twilight saga fitness center!!!! OMG. I'd pay hard cash for that stream...and push my own mama down the stairs.... lol.

  4. It's funny how KStew & RPattz really avoid the spotlight and interviews but they are so grooming Taylor to be a media golden boy. I love me some Taylor.

  5. Re: Twilight Saga Fitness Center-

    Can I hide in the men's locker room?


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