September 22, 2009

New Rosalie still

Click for bigger

Check out Rosalie's eyes!

From J-14, the text on the bottom left of Bella's says

"To get Bella's long brown locks back after dying it black and chopping it short, Twilight colorist Stuart Gavert bleached and the colored Kristen's hair matching it to the weave she wears to recreate Bella's length"

Um ... lol!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. lol.. umm I wonder where they got their info on Bella's hair from, huh! :) and have they seen the pictures?? heheh

  2. Not to mention Rosalie's hair in that picture is a WIG!

  3. Stewie's hair still looked black at the VMA's imo.

    100% improvement on Rosalie's look. Although it's easy to improve on looking like utter crap.

  4. i think nikki looks really pretty there as Rosalie

  5. thats from j-14 i have that magazine i don't like nikkis wig

  6. Rosalie looks pretty good! I can't even notice the wig!! I wonder when did they bleach Kristen hair?? She still have black hair? umm!

  7. Not a fan of the Rosalie wig. Nor a fan of the Bella weave. The hair department could do way better.

  8. Rosalie is not beautiful. She should be.. awful wig. awful actress playing her.

  9. Stop hating on Nikki Reed. She gets unfair treatment from the fans. But, she looks great in the pic.


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