September 2, 2009

New Moon Virtual Habbo Playground Coming Our Way!

I'm on Habbo as TwiCrackAddict :-)

Exciting news from BrandWeek:
Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the red-hot Twilight movie franchise, has inked a deal with Habbo, a Web-based virtual playground popular among tweens and teens in more than 30 countries, to cross-promote the upcoming The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Starting in November, a few weeks prior to New Moon's Nov. 20 premiere, Habbo will roll out a New Moon-themed virtual space within its 31 virtual worlds around the globe. In addition, site users who create avatars (videogame-like versions of themselves) will be able to decorate their own "rooms" with virtual goods based on the movie.
Read the rest at BrandWeek. According to Virtual Word News, the virtual goods that we can decorate our rooms with include a clock tower or Volturi crest!

So how does Habbo work? Can we hunt down Edward Cullen's avatar?


  1. gah! i used to do this when i was younger and used up all my phone credit buying stupid credits or whatever *oh the shame*

  2. Ohhhh I remember this!! Such a long time ago. I never used any money on it tho lol!! Was too busy buying clothes, which hasn't changed! I bet mine still works, I gotta go try it out....
    I'm still friends with a guy I met on there about 8 years ago!

    I would love to hunt down Edward Cullen ;) x

    He's probably not at the Lido, out in the sunlight and all!

    x x x

  3. We're habbo-fans, too.

    Are you in Add "forksistoogreen".

    See our portuguese habbo group about twilight:

    Love both of you: Lorabell & Mrs TCA =)


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