September 26, 2009

New Moon US Weekly Scans

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The amazing Robert Pattinson Unlimited scanned in all the pages from US Weekly's New Moon magazine special - here's a selection but follow the link for the full set :)

- Lorabell


  1. I'm definitely getting a copy! Off to Borders..

  2. You know I was last night at Borders and saw the magazine but I'm not sure to buy it! hehe I wanted the new People Magazine and it hasn't arrive yet! hehe Maybe I'll change my mind!

  3. Kristen went to my middle school! lol but I came in 6th grade right when she left for acting in 8th. :( That would've been awesome.

    I have some friends that were in her grade though and poor girl got picked on so much.

  4. Ahh the cute pictures of Rob and Taylor is/was such a cutie!!

  5. Not a single, SINGLE picture of Jackson FYI.

  6. ash has always bee so beautiful! no pics of jackson..weird


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