September 24, 2009

Moviehole Interviews Xavier Samuel: Bella Bonding (?) + Female Adulation

Getting prepared for female adulation? It's already arrived! Here's an excerpt from a new Moviehole interview with Xavier:

Question: Do you have any kind of relationship with Kristen's Bella? I mean, is there a bond of some kind that exists?

Samuel: That's a tricky question to answer, without giving away the plot.

Question: There might be, or there might not be?

Samuel: That's a valid statement. How am I doing evading it?

Question: You're doing very well. David Slade is the third director associated with the franchise.

Samuel: Yeah, David's astonishing.

Question: Now I was wondering whether or not he brings that kind of raw sensibility to this particular interpretation of Twilight.

Samuel: Well, he's such an intelligent, very down-to-earth director. And from what I can gather, the way that he's approaching shooting the film is quite different to the previous two.

Question: Now, is your character in any other books?

Samuel: In Eclipse. Yeah.

Question: Are you prepared for the female adulation that will result from this gig?

Samuel: [LAUGHTER] Look, I don't know how you prepare for something like that. I bet you just sort of take it in stride, and try to manage to lead a reasonably normal life, even if people are following you around while you're getting your coffee.

Read the rest here.

Thanks, Coral!

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  1. hahaha I'm sorry but I thought the Edward's wig was for Halloween?? hahaha He looks like Edward wanna be and what happen with the hair?? haha


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