September 3, 2009

The Most Famous Hand Model on the Planet :-)

Kimbra Hickey, whose hands grace the cover of our beloved Twilight, was photographed in NYC on Tuesday. Read more at Radaronline.

Thanks, Coral!


  1. omg! how cool is that necklace??!!

  2. What a cushy job.... some people have all the luck!! Wonder how the perspective employees interviewed for this position lol!........ "Lemme see your hands!!!"

  3. How NICE thanks for letting us know...Muah*

  4. She must be soooo tired of cradling apples in her hands - lol! But it's a good job if you can get it - would never work for me and my veiny-looking man-hands...

    : )

    Oh and they have similar necklaces on Etsy, if anyone's looking for one.

  5. I bet people are constantly handing her fruit these days ;)

  6. I had the pleasure of meeting Kimbra at the TwiTour in NJ this past weekend and she is a total sweetheart! Of course, she was posed practically the whole time in the vendor room but after hours when we were all hanging with the Twilight MOMS, she was apple-free and a total peach ;o)

  7. thats an awesome necklace ...

    emmm..... whats etsy?

  8. Yea saw this on tmz, they were making fun of her because they were saying "does she just walk around with an apple?" hahaha

  9. etsy rocks Anon
    You gotta google it.
    It's like eBay for handmade stuff.

  10. Please don't hate me now... but why is she interesting? I mean, come on, she was a handmodel for the cover, but really?

    @TheEvilAngel: You really are evil ;-) *wicked grin* Now THAT would make her interesting.... *LOL*

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