September 19, 2009

More New Moon Calendar Shots

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Thanks to ROBsessed for this - loving the new shots - Charlie carrying Bella especially *tear*

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- Lorabell


  1. Aaaawe Charlie! :~

    Guys, seriously, what was the wardrobe designer on the day he/she picked Alice's outfit for the scenes in Italy? The Alice from the books did not foresee that one and would *shriek* in horror.

  2. Charlie<3333 love him.
    and Alice<3 love that theres a pic of her.
    Give up about the clothes already, they'r fine. I actually love the jacket. And she needs to be covered up because its sunny and no one can see her sparkling. She looks absolutely gorgeous to me.

  3. there is thirteen pictures!! which one is the front cover??

  4. Waiiiittttt!!!!! Where????? Whereeeee?????? is this calendarrrrrrrrrrrrr???? I have 2 and none is this one??? I want thisssssss!!! Where can I find it??? Ufff another can I explain by boyfriend who by the way was the one who bought me those 2 calendars that I want a third?!?! This is getting complicated!

  5. LOL @ Ismarie! That's nice of him to get you 2 already:) I guess he'll just have to spring for a third, lol!

    My favorite pic is the Bella and Charlie one! Its so touching because all throughout New Moon, I'm sure it killed Charlie to watch his daughter go through such a depression and no be able to do anything about it, you know? I luv daddy Swan!

  6. They need to make a calendar of all the shirtless shots - Jacob, Edward, the wolf pack. I'm guessing the sales would be high for it!

  7. This calendar is great but I'm looking for the one with these shots:

    Anyone knows it's from where...I think it's from borders but when I went on their site to order it there was only the head-shots calendar...:S I'm from Canada so I can only order it on internet! I need help!!:S

  8. @THparkle haha That's true! haha at least he got me know maybe for my birthday I can get the 3th!!! hahaha I agree with you about the pic of Bella and Charlie...this is what I was waiting! This movie is more about intensity of every kind of relationship! Charlie finally acting like a father is awesome! I can't wait to see the scene where he talks to Alice about those months where Bella was depressed...that will break my hearth for sure!


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