September 21, 2009

I Belong to You: More Details About Muse's Contribution New Moon Soundtrack

MTV shares exciting news about Muse:
Singer Matt Bellamy revealed: “I spoke to [Chris Weitz] yesterday (and) he wants the track I Belong To You, the sort of vaudeville piano track.

“He wants a rendition of that but the only thing with the new film is they want the songs to be exclusive to the film. So he’s asking if I mind doing, or if we mind doing an alternative version of it.”

Asked if they were up for it Matt said: “I think it’s alright- if it was one of the main tracks on the album I would never do it. But it’s actually one of the weirder tracks on the album.

“(It’s) one of the can't believe we got away with it kind of tracks. I think it might be worth giving it a go cos it’s a track that might not get played live very often… one of the obscure tracks off the album so it might give that track some life that it wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Muse’s hit Supermassive Black Hole featured in the first Twilight film- giving the three piece exposure in the States.

Dom from the band said: “It’s opened it up in some kind of way, millions of people
listening to Supermassive Black Hole that have probably never heard our band before- which is not a bad thing.”

He added: “They have all gone bloody vampire mad over there seriously, it’s crazy!”
Read the rest at MTV.


  1. OK, first I must admit that the only Muse song that I like is SBH(while also admitting I haven't heard a whole lot of them either.) This one is kinda catchy but I just can't imagine how they can make this fit the moodiness of New Moon!! I guess that is why I am not in the music biz :) Wonder why Summit doesn't just use SM playlist from each book---she obviously knows music.

  2. I loveeeee Supermassive Blackhole!!! haha I'm glad they're in the soundtrack! I can't wait to listen to the whole thing...I don't like Meet me in the Equinox so much but I can handle it!

  3. love it, love its unusual-ness! An alt-version would be rad as well.

  4. Actually, this is mine and my mister's fave song on the album, we've had it on repeat since Tuesday. I can see how a more subdued "rendition" would fit in perfectly with where Weitz is taking the film and soundtrack!

  5. Full soundtrack listings at

  6. Thanks to Stephanie's playlist, I found Muse. I Love them and would have been pissed if they were not on the soundtrack for new moon. Anything Muse contributes will be fantastic!

  7. I love Muse. They are my favorite band. A new rendition would be cool. Matt on the piano is epic win. More people need to love Muse. They are just amazing. =D

  8. Matt Bellamy is wrong! I belong to you is my favourite song on their new album. Why does he think it's almost a b side that will not be played live?? Maybe, because he fears to sing in french live (his accent is awful when he sings in french!)

  9. YAY! I LOVE THIS SONG! Everytime I hear it, I clap to it, because it seems like a song that would get the crowd going a little bit. It's also funny that they say "Muse" in it. It makes me giggle.


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