September 29, 2009

Old Missing Twilight Scene from Stephenie

Update: Sorry for the confusion - apparently this may have been on Stephenie's MySpace before she deleted it, but I only came across the Lex's previous post today. For those who haven't read it before, enjoy!

I agree with Calliope Blabs and am now convinced Stephenie writes fanfic!

The next morning, we went to the casino. Natural light never came close to touching the gaming floor, so it was very easy. Edward told me it was generally expected for them to go lose some money in the hotel—a suite like ours was reserved for that special class of visitor known as high rollers.

As they walked—and I rolled in my wheelchair—through the acres of elegantly decorated casino floor, three times Alice paused at a particular slot machine and slid a card through the scanner. Each time she did this, sirens would blare, lights would revolve, and an electronic simulation of coins dropping indicated that her prize had been credited to her room. She tried to get me to do it once, but I skeptically shook my head.

"I thought you were supposed to lose money," I accused her.

"Oh, I will," she assured me. "But not until I make them sweat a little." Her smile was sinful.

We reached a more lavishly decorated division of the huge casino, where there were no slot machines or casually dressed tourists with plastic cups full of change. Plush chairs replaced the swiveling bar stools, and the voices were quiet, serious. But we continued still further, through a set of ornate gold doors into another room, a private room, more opulent yet. Finally I understood why Alice had insisted on the raw silk, emerald green wrap around dress she’d tied on me today, why she was wearing a long, white satin sarong—with a short lace top that bared her flat, white stomach—and why Edward was overwhelming and irresistible in another light silk suit. The players in this room were all dressed with an exclusive splendor whose expense was far beyond my imagining. A few of the impeccable older men even had young women in glittering, strapless gowns standing behind their chairs, just like in the movies. I pitied the beautiful women as their eyes swept over Alice and Edward, realizing their own deficiencies as they measured the first, and the deficiencies of their partners as they ogled the second. I was the enigma, and their eyes slid away from me unsatisfied.

Alice glided off toward the long roulette tables, and I cringed as I thought of the havoc she would wreak.

"You do know how to play black jack, of course," Edward bent forward to murmur in my ear.

"Are you kidding?" I felt the color drain from my face.

"Knowing your luck, I couldn’t lose any more thoroughly than by letting you play," he chuckled. He wheeled me toward a table with three empty chairs. The two immaculately dressed, exceptionally dignified Asian men glanced up in disbelief as Edward lifted me gently into one of the empty velvet chairs, and took the seat next to me. The delicate oriental beauty who stood at the end of the table watched with insulting incredulity as Edward caressed my hair possessively.

"Only use one hand," he breathed almost silently in my ear. "And keep your cards over the table."

Edward spoke a quiet word to the dealer, and two impressive stacks of dark blue chips appeared on the table in front of us. They had no numbers—and I didn’t want to know anyway. Edward pushed a small stack of his forward, and a larger stack of mine. I glared at Edward in embarrassed panic, but he just smiled impishly as the dealer dealt the cards swiftly around. I picked up my cards carefully with one hand, holding them rigidly above the table. I had two nines. Edward held his cards loosely; I could see he had a five and a seven. I glanced guardedly at the two gentlemen next to me, intent but terrified, watching carefully to see what the protocol was for a high rolling black jack table. To my relief, it seemed easy enough. The first swept the top of his cards briefly against the felt, and received a card, the second slipped the corner of his cards under his bet, leaving them on the table, and didn’t. I quickly put my cards down, shoving them awkwardly under my chips—cheeks flaming—when the dealer looked at me. Belatedly I noticed that the dealer had a queen. Edward brushed the table lightly, and the dealer threw a nine face up on the table in front of him. I glared at him, as the men beside me murmured appreciatively.

The dealer had a jack, and I lost, as did both Asian gentlemen. He smoothly relieved us of our chips. I heard a subdued commotion coming from the direction of the roulette table, but I was afraid to look. Edward pushed another stack of my chips onto the table, and it began again.

When my chips were gone, Edward passed me half of his, unable to contain his amused smile. He was doing well, winning three times as often as the other men at the table. But, with the size of my bets controlled by him, I was losing chips faster than he could rake them in. I had yet to win a hand. It was humiliating—but at least I was sure to never become a gambling addict.

Finally, I lost our last stack of chips. The Asian gentlemen, and their female escort, watched Edward with impressed curiosity as he could no longer contain his mirth, chuckling quietly, but with deep amusement, while he returned me to the wheel chair. I blushed and kept my eyes on the thick carpet as he pushed me away, still laughing.

"I’m the worst gambler in history," I muttered apologetically.

"Actually, you’re not. That’s what so funny." He laughed again. "You didn’t do one thing wrong, aside from playing a little conservatively. The odds that you would lose every hand…" He shook his head, grinning.

We got to the roulette table just in time to watch Alice lose her spectacular pile of multihued chips in one disastrous spin of the wheel. The many hopeful players who had bet with her on seventeen black looked murderously disappointed. She laughed, a trilling, carefree sound, and joined us.

"Did we lose enough?" I whispered as we exited the gold doors.

"I think the house is satisfied. You’re probably their favorite client today," he snickered.

"Please promise me one thing."

"Anything you want."

"Never, ever tell me how much money I lost today, please."

We were in the noisy casino by this time, and his laugh was unrestrained.

Thanks to the Twilight Lexicon

- Lorabell


  1. I totally read this before! Not sure where, but probably Stephenie's myspace. It does sound pretty fanfic-like.

  2. love it, what else have u got, can anyone recomend anygood fanfics? preferably vamps and lemons but any thing like this is good, thanks.

  3. I know that I've read this before, too! I wish we could get more tidbits like this from Stephenie...

  4. @Anon 4.48: If you haven't read Wide Awake (some good lemons) start there! Then The List (uber lemony and vamptastic) and The Office (crazy lemony) - enjoy!
    - Lorabell :D

  5. Start with Wide Awake.

    It's all human but the lemons are pretty tasty. ;p

    Oh and I read a fanfic, supposedly one shot, that was almost exactly like Midnight Sun. I did wonder if Steph had put it out there first or if someone was just stupid enough to cut and paste.

  6. Yeah I've read this before, definitely one of the deleted scenes Stephenie has on her website!

  7. Stephenie Meyer is so talented that I would love to just go through her garbage and read the writing she throws out. You know why she's brilliant? Because she can convey the story without a lot of writer BS flowery crap getting in the way, and that's why her characters come alive. You know what's ironic too? Stupid Stephen King criticized SM, but last year, Twilight was on the required reading list for a "horror fiction" class at U.C. Berkeley. So she can go tell Stephen King to kiss her sweet a**. That's all I'm saying.

  8. old news. its on her site. error.

  9. wait, why is she in a wheelchair?

  10. I love that pic of Stephenie. So pretty:)

  11. What do you mean by 'lemon'?? Just curious what kind of story that is.

  12. it was after the james attack?

  13. Fanfic recommendations by me (I'm quite a fanfic whore I have to admit!!) : -
    My top 3 are: -

    - The Office (All human, amazing chemistry and fab lemons, I LOVE IT! ;) )

    - Blue Moon over Manka's (Takes place before Bella and Edward's wedding, they take a break together to push their boundaries. Very sweet and fluffy, character are portrayed very well as per Twilight. It is well researched and has lots of detail)

    - Untitled continuation of Twilight (Takes place 6 years after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee is in her late teens. The Cullen's have enrolled in a new high school and there's a very good storyline running through. It also explores Renesmee and Jacob's relationship. It's very very well written and researched.)

    Others that I have read and I would definitely recommend are Wide Awake (really really good) Let your light shine and it's sequel A life Extraordinary, The List and Ascension. And I've just read a one shot called A little Crazy which is very good too and is a joint offering by The Office's author tby789 and Let your light shine/A life Extraordinary's author lolashoes.

    Ok that's all me thinks :P xxx Enjoy fellow twilighters!! :) x

  14. why is she in a wheelchair?!!!!!!!!!

  15. I'm confused - so this is an actual deleted scene from one of the books? from where? and is someone saying she has other deleted scenes? do tell!!!

  16. Ok after looking at the length of my message maybe I should have stayed a little more closeted! Oh the shame :P

  17. A) Explain the wheelchair.
    B) Why are they in a casino?
    C) When does this take place?
    D) What makes anyone think that Stephenie wrote this?

  18. Lemons is a reference to how racy it is.

    I'm reading:

    - The Office
    - Cocktails and Dreams
    - The Anonymous Series (RobFic - he has a run-in with a Dominatrix!)
    - The Aclimation Diaries (similar to The List)
    - Dark Side of the Moon (New Moon from Edward's POV)
    - Place Your Bets
    - Taking Chances (RobFic)

    I've read:
    - Wide Awake (an excellent story on its own)
    - The List
    - 10 Steps to Seducing Your Vampire Boyfriend
    - I Love LA (another RobFic)

    And there was one where Edward Cullen was human and a famous actor. He buys a small getaway house in upstate New York. His neighbour is Bella Swan who is living with her boyfriend, Jacob. They break up and she starts up with Edward. Does that ring a bell with anyone?? It was really good but I can't remember the title.

  19. I'm assuming she's in a wheelchair because James broke her leg.

    Not sure why they're in a casino but I'm wondering why they aren't getting checked for ID - they "are" high schoolers, aren't they?

    Takes place after Phoenix and before Prom.

    Have no idea - possibly because someone said it was on her website?

  20. wait so the "twilight perspectice" book is already out?! and tere is going to be a book from 6 years after renesme AND steph wrote these?! im sooo behind!

  21. @Anonomys 4:48 ... "Attention Walmart Shoppers" is a super good fan fic story :)

  22. Wow - I haven't read this before - nice treat! Just when you think you have it all done, something turns up! I've read the "extra"/omitted scenes at Stephenie Meyer's site but I don't recall this one. Must have missed it!

    OK I am off to write about a dress I am coveting... ; )

  23. So... yes, this is definitely by Stephenie but is not in the outtakes on Steph's site. Twilight Lexicon sent a complaining email about the fact that she posted tidbits of left out stuff on her MySpace (may it rest in peace). She then sent Twilight Lexicon this awesome outtake. See? Not new, but definitely Steph.

  24. the one written six years after breaking that written by stephanie meyer ?

  25. I guess I'm the only one who thinks this piece she wrote was dumb. High schoolers in a casino. Yeah, great idea. And this little "story" doesn't even go anywhere. No wonder it was a deleted scene.

  26. I swear I read this on Stephenie's website but can't find it now. This was the return trip from Arizona (after James tries to kill Bella) where they stop off in Vegas to do a little gambling.

  27. Thanks all for the suggested reading tips! Im new to FanFic...Im going to check it out tonight! ((((hugs))) aceybrie

  28. where can i find the fan fic to read?

  29. the Midnight Sun parody fanfic is called Midnight Desire:

  30. i'm thinking about this "scene" as a "what if Bella didn't became a vampire?". Maybe Steph wrote this imagining that. Maybe that's why Bella is in a wheel chair?

  31. Anon 11:52...

    You can find links to fan fiction at Random Acts of Rob under the heading "Twiporn Library".

    There is also a Twilight Fan Fiction website:

    You'll have to create a user ID to access most of the stories but you'll find a lot of gems here.

    Also try:

    You'll find over 100,000 Twilight fan fiction stories.

  32. Weird. I just read this just a few months ago on Stephenie's site, it was under Twilight outtakes. To be honest I'm very glad it was cut as I don't think if contributes very much to the story. Anyway. The reason Bella is in a wheelchair is: this takes place on their way back from Phoenix to Forks; after the whole James incident.

  33. @ anon 5:20pm

    twilight is a good story, don't get me wrong, but i think it was horribly executed. too much "BS flowery crap", too many ridiculous adjectives, too repetitive. it's fan fiction with the ultimate mary sue character. i like it, but it's a guilty pleasure, not top notch writing. books on a class reading list are usually ones that were popular during a certain time, ones that captures the zeitgeist. they're not necessarily examples of good quality writing. my two cents.

  34. Eergh !

    Edward freaks me out in this writing...
    How many times does he have to breathe-talk


    Creppy pale guy.

  35. I usually just find my fanfics on ;) Just search for the titles of the stories that people have recommended and you should be able to find them :)

    @Anon 9:46 No, the one written 6 years after Breaking Dawn is a fanfic, not by Stephenie Meyer. xxx

  36. "creepy pale guy"


  37. @anon 1:54. One of the Pulitzer Prize winning authors of our time once said that writing a perfect page of prose was an impossible task, so the fact that SM has occasional problems with her writing does not at all detract from the fact that her story and her characters have become so beloved. People who criticize ought to sit down and TRY to write a perfect page of prose and see how it goes. And how much do we love Oliver Twist so many years later? Not so much. How much will we still love Edward a hundred years from now -- only time will tell. But I think SM's magic is not of the Charles Dickens variety (which bores people to death), but of the character-driven variety, which makes people obsessed and which sells books. Criticize SM all you want, but what she's done WORKS, as proven by the fact that she's sold tons of books. What they should be teaching in colleges across this country is not how to write like Charles Dickens, which doesn't sell books by the way (when was the last time Charles Dickens was on the best seller list?) but how to write like SM, which is f-ing profitable and entertains people.

  38. @ anon 2:30

    i'm not looking for perfect prose. i'm looking for not-painful-to-read prose. sm doesn't have occasional problems with her prose. she has problems with it throughout. but just because it is an entertaining story and lots of people like it and it made millions, doesn't necessarily mean it's groundbreaking writing or that we should ignore the horrible way it was writted. transformers and the hills make millions and are very popular, but you can't say those involved real talent. so yes i guess twilight works for making money and popularity and turning on the crazy/obsessive gene in fangirls, if that is your standard of what's good.

  39. its from stephenie meyers website it's in the outtakes from twilight, or it was i just double checked and i couldn't find it but i do remember seeing it there. i've definately read this before.

  40. @anon 1:54: Please allow me to disagree with your analysis. The Twilight Saga is most assuredly NOT character-driven fiction; it is plot-driven and the characters are there to advance the plot. This is why the books are hard to put down: the reader wants to know what happens next. In an interview Ms Meyer characterized herself as a good story-teller (which she is) as opposed to a good writer.

    Your comments on Dickens are merely uninformed and deserve no reply.

  41. I read a lot of fanfic, and I've read this bit before... Trying to remember where, and failing.

    Questions that might trigger:
    - Why do they need to loose the money?
    - Why is Bella in a wheelchair?

    Really annoying that I don't remember where I read it!

  42. I think this is terribly written. I agree with the post two above me. Charles Dickens is Charles Dickens why go there? It doesnt make sense. And we all know SM is not a good writer she said so herself. Even Stephen King said the difference between SM and JKRowling was the JK is a good writer and SM is not. I love Steph's creative ideas and her amazing plots and even better characters but has anyone counted how many times a character has 'pursed' their lips or chagrined? She should have a better editor, it would help.

  43. "delicate oriental beauty"

    Really? Really??

    Wow way to go proving what we think of Utah folk, Stephenie.

    I wasn't surprised she didn't have a single Asian in her books - now I'm glad.

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