September 20, 2009

Miss Robler? Get your fix - Remember Me fan trailer :)


Oh, Rob *sigh* when you left NYC for VC we were glad you got a break from all the crazy ... but then we didn't realize how much we'd miss you :(

So, to bring back the Roblicious times from this summer, as well as keeping us keen for Remember Me, FakerParis over at ThinkingOfRob made this great fan trailer.

However, if you don't want spoilers but still need some Rob-crack (who doesn't right?!) head over to Letters To Rob for some Remember Me alternatives, such as:

Remember Me: Blind since birth Tyler Roth has never had to deal with the harsh realities of the real world such as dressing himself, and conversing with the opposite sex. Until he meets Ally, a stripper with a conscious and a fetish for blind men. Ally takes Tyler under her wing and teaches him the complexities of daily dressing and how to please a real woman.

Celebs On The Set Of 'Remember Me'31826PCN_kisses


  1. Ok, am I the only one who wondered what accent rob will have in this movie? Is he going to try and do a new york accent or will he just do american? If he does new york i'm excited to hear what it sounds like.

  2. What?!! Rob plays a blind man in this movie?

  3. A blind??? but but in all the photos from set he never looked blind to me??? haha I'm a little lost here...hahaha

  4. its a joke HES NOT BLIND. The real story is different.

  5. OK...I know the script for Remember Me was leaked for a while. I this video indicative of the script or just made up based on the pics that were out there?

  6. Lol. I'm so confused! What's the real plot?!

  7. That was sad and great to watch!! I'm confused too- how can he ride a bike and jump around the rabbits/ fight etc being blind? Maybe he goes blind? in the end before he dies?!!


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