September 13, 2009

Michael Sheen talks New Moon at GQ Awards

Oh Michael... word to the wise - invest in earplugs ;)

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

P.s. Lol, is it just me or has that interviewer really not read the books?!


  1. I love Micheal Sheen - is there no role this man can't do ? He is brilliant. Hope to see him here in Toronto for his film THE DAMNED UNITED.

    Interesting how he describes Aro as "cuddly". I would love to cuddly with him myself.

  2. Cuddly? No.
    I love Michael! He is so awesome.

  3. Love the comment about getting to be a poster on his daughter's wall. He looks like he really gets a kick out of that, how cute!


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