September 23, 2009

Michael Sheen Describes Aro as 'Gentle on the Surface' and Dakota as 'Scary as Hale'

MTV share a new interview with Michael Sheen, excerpted here:
MTV: You must have a whole new fanbase now.

Sheen: I'm very big with the under-12s. They're very big fans of "Frost/Nixon."

MTV: Tell us about your character in "New Moon."

Sheen: I play Aro. For people who aren't fans of the books, I play one of the Volturi — somebody described it as being like the royal family of vampires, which I guess is a good description. He's very calming on the surface, very gentle and soft on the surface. But beneath, he is a psychopathic killer. ... He's a great character, and I had a great time doing it.

MTV: When will we see Aro next?

Sheen: Well, he doesn't appear in "Eclipse." He appears again in "Breaking Dawn."

MTV: Have they told you to set aside some time for that one?

Sheen: Who knows? Nothing has been spoken about yet.

MTV: We can also see some teases of a dark Dakota Fanning in the "New Moon" trailer. How is she in the film?

Sheen: She's fantastic. She's scary as hell, but she looks so sweet. She's got a great character there. People are really going to love her.
He's so funny! Read the rest here.

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