September 4, 2009

Kiowa Gordon Reveals How to Tell the Wolfpack Apart :-)

MTV shares another interview with Kiowa, where he talks about being inspired by Taylor, his background, the Wolfpack scenes, and some of the interesting experiences he's had since getting involved with New Moon:
MTV: How about the fans?

Gordon: I guess I've been welcomed with open arms. A couple weeks after getting announced out there to the public that I got the role, a girl actually tattooed my name on her back with a paw print!

MTV: Your real name, not Embry's?

Gordon: Yeah! It was like, "Whoa!" And now I have my own team of supporters, for some reason.

MTV: The movie hasn't even come out yet! Does that put extra pressure on you to make sure your performance doesn't suck?

Gordon: Yeah, then they're gonna [want to remove the tattoos]. Maybe she'd cut it off. [Laughs.]

MTV: We've seen Taylor as a wolf in the "New Moon" trailer, but what are the rest of you guys going to look like?

Gordon: Well, we all look like brothers, so [we'll look similar], but we all have our own colors, so you can [tell which is which]. It's distinctive.

Read more at MTV.


  1. Yeah bring on the wolfs! This movie will have a lot to offer in the mens department ;-)

  2. MTV seems to be Team Kiowa/Embry...nothing wrong with that. They should get interviews with Alex too!

  3. Perhaps MTV is on
    Team "Whoeverisavailableatthattime".

  4. Actually! I think this is one long interview they had with Kiowa from the Bandslam premiere that they are just taking bits and pieces and showing them every few days/weeks leading into New MOon :)


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