September 12, 2009

Kellan Calls RPattz & KStew 'Complex' + Talks about how Papz have changed their Vancouver experience

Pic from Gossip Girls

Kellan spoke to E!News at Mercedes Benz Fashion week and revealed that he doesn't really hang with RobSten:
"They're just so complex, and I like to laugh and smile," Twilight's Emmett Cullen told E! News at the W Hotels lounge backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just before the Monarchy show.
He also had some nice things to say about RPattz:
"They are attractive humans, yes they are," he admits. "I'm nice with Rob also. I look great with him too. I think I look better with Rob…Rob's awesome. I love him to death."
Also, Kellan talked about how Eclipse filming is going:
"It's going great. We all love Vancouver. It's just that there's just so many paparazzi everywhere," he admits. "We've been moving around to new places like every two weeks. Especially for Rob—we feel bad for him. Like, we go out to cast dinners and, whenever Rob's shooting, that's when we can have free time because usually that's when everyone is trying to shoot Rob or Kristen. So then we can actually be free to walk around the city and shop and go out to eat. You know, when we want to do cast dinners, it's tough because you can't just chill."

Instead, Kellan plays board games like Risk and Clue with Ashley Greene and friends while Pattz and that girl whose name he hardly mentioned do whatever "complex" people do.
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  1. Obviously he can't say anything about this...which makes it more interesting for us fans! ;-) I still think there's something going on between them but only time will tell!

  2. It's just sad that the "Inglorious Papsterds" have to be such scum!
    Leave them alone and let them live their lives already.

  3. I am SUCH a huge fan of the dark hair on him. Boy be looking Smexy!!!

  4. I hope "complex" means "have sex a lot"! Go KStew, get your Rob on.

  5. I could tell that Rob and Kristen are deep thinkers and serious about what they do. That's why I love them both.


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