September 11, 2009

Ashley Greene Talks VMAs but we barely care because we're still watching the leaked New Moon Trailer!

Just Jared shares a quick interview with Ashley Greene, who dished on what she'll wear to the VMAs and who she's most looking forward to seeing:
On what she’ll be wearing on Sunday night: “No [I don't know]. I’m about to fly into New York to meet my stylist — she’s worked with me for awhile and knows what I like. I’m a huge fan of Dolce & Gabbana: Their stuff fits me really well, and I just love the bodice and the silhouettes of their dresses. I wore Dolce to the Teen Choice and MTV Movie Awards this year, but I think Sunday’s outfit is going to be a little bit edgier. I feel like at the VMAs, you can go all out.”

On who she’s excited to see on the red carpet: “Lady Gaga and Katy Perry always have these crazy, insane outfits, so I’m excited to see them. Taylor Swift, who actually did this last year, has a really sweet and classic style so I’m looking forward to see what she wears. As last year’s correspondent, Taylor changed twice, and I just loved both of her outfits. Oh, and Beyonce!”
Read the rest at Just Jared.

Thanks, Renesmee!


  1. we need more pics of taylor! lol forget the leaked trailer, im still obsessing over jacobs trailer!


  3. The whole internet is congested because NM trailer's gone viral! Twitter's reaching breaking point playing hide-the-trailer LMAO! SCUMMIT can't keep the Twihards down.

  4. Anon that is funny ...playing hide-the-trailer LMAO

    I'm really, really loving the new Edward and the volturi scenes...that kicks butt

    thank goodness they fixed the puppy dog pack up

  5. Ashley<3 can't wait to see what she's wearing tomorrow. something amazing, i bet. as always.

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