September 10, 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower Talks Volturi's Medieval Accents + Tearing People Up

MTV shares a new interview with Jamie, where he talks about the Volturi's accent, Twilight vs. Harry Potter, and his favorite scene to film:

MTV: What's the one scene in "New Moon" you most enjoyed filming?

Campbell Bower: Well, there's a particular scene where we rip this guy apart, and I just sit there smiling and really enjoying it. When I got the script, I was like, "That's the one I want to do the most!," because there's nothing to say. It's really sordid, gross and really grim — that was pretty fun.
Read the rest at MTV.


  1. ack, serious impatience here! Can't wait (although I'm sure that MR has ruined it totally again...argh, maybe the suspense and expectation is better...)

  2. I really like Jamie- He seems like a well grounded guy!! Can't wait to see how his parts came out:))


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