September 24, 2009

Jacob & Alice NECA Action Figures for Sale

Twilight Poison tweeted links to how you can purchase the Jacob and Alice action figures.

The Jacob one bears such a great likeness to Taylor Lautner, but Alice...not so much. :-)


  1. I think I'll have to get a Mini-Jacob and have Mini-Edward and Mini-Jacob have a stand off on my desk at my office.

    We will see what my co-workers do to my new Twilight addition to my office space.

  2. hahaha @TJB I might do the same...but just Mini-Edward...they're already calling me a psycho with my obsession because I have Edward Cullen as a desktop background and I have the countdown in my profile in Facebook and I talk about how I can't wait to see the movie...yeah, I'm a psycho!!!! haha


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