September 11, 2009

Is Twilight Sucky for your Love Life?

MSN has a fun article pondering whether or not Twilight is bad for your love life! The Blogger lists 4 things that totally bug her about Bella. Here is an excerpt:
Bella is a domestic diva.
She cooks for her bachelor dad every night. (Okay, I guess cooking is technically a hobby. But she doesn't do it out of joy, really. It's more out of a sense of obligation.) Bella does laundry, too. But I think we only see her do homework once. See, she's too busy feeding a man to stop and feed her mind. There's nothing wrong with cooking for a man, but doing it in tandem with constantly getting saved by a guy and worshipping said guy ... it's just too much. At least Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast loves to read, right?

But! I am not saying I didn't enjoy the book at times, and that I wouldn't have swooned at 13. I just worry that some people will read it without a critical eye (I know, it is just a story). Some girls might expect their love life to look just like Bella's. Now that's what I call scary.

Read the rest here and see what you think!

Thanks, Cat!

P.S. I'm way past 13, but I swooned (obviously)! :) I just feel kind of sorry for the people who don't -- they are missing out on some mad magic!


  1. 1) Bella is smart and has a caretaker personality; what's wrong with that?(I'm guessing your not smart & you're a selfish slob) 2) What's wrong with having someone save you? Whether it's physically or emotionally? (you've never been saved and you're bitter)
    3)Bella reads alot! and IS doing her homework and has good grades. It would read weird if S.M. always put in "and now it's time for my homework again" everyday.(You send out e-mails and make calls everyday when you're about to start homework)
    4)So I guess Bella only showered what maybe 10 times in the whole series?
    What? I'm just saying...

  2. Ok - I went. I read. Um, at least you picked the least offensive passage - lol!

    Let people have their opinions, but I know what mine is and it makes me happy...

    : )

  3. Yeah, it seems like the author of this article didn't really read the book. We all know that Bella likes to read (alot), and the story mentions her schoolwork sereral times. It also mentions how she gets good grades, was in advanced classes, and etc...

    And I'm sure any kid of a single parent does more than their fair share of the housework...

  4. I read the whole article and all I have to say is.... if my daughter grows up to find a man who worships the ground she walks on.... then so be it!

  5. The way Bella is before vs after where it
    is magnified 100 fold. Read Breaking Dawn.

  6. I agree with Christy...seriously...I think that Erin Meanley (the girl who wrote this article) ultimately envies what Bella has (even if it is far fetched). All I have to say that Erin should let her imagination linger because as a writer writing an article that goes against the current isnt going to get her more readers. Imagination is the key to good writing...I guess she missed that in English 101...

    P.S. You know when someone (erin) distorts something as good as these novels...she's got some marbles missing.

  7. It's a story >.> The worse that your children might get out of it, is that they will always try to find a prince charming and we all know lifes not a fairy tale LoL. Parents let them read Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White ect. Bella was smart and caring, she was known for having a parental side. That's why she cared for everyone. I care for my love ones, nothing wrong with that :)

  8. LoL I agree with :Anon 3:03 :)
    Men don't usually act like they do in the stories LoL

  9. Ok, did not appreciate this article. Obvious reasons. I know 3 things to be true (hahaha). 1. Twilight saga has changed my life, I started a blog and learned how to put pictures on it, imean prior to twilight I could barely copy paste..... 2. It has made me more into fashion, reading, and even sex..... 3. I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with robward.

    So there. And I'm not 13..... I'm 27 almost 28, almost 30!

  10. I FOUND THE LEAKED TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And MTV's version is going to be even longer!!!!!!!! OMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I think that Erin might think differently if she read the book a bit more closely, and then finished the series.

  12. It seems that today's "independent woman" has a big chip on her shoulder. It seems like this Erin person dislikes the bella character because she is more of a caretaker / selfless type of girl. When did that become a bad thing? In case you missed it, Bella took care of her father because she felt bad for him being alone all that time and she was trying to somehow make up for her mother leaving him.

    By the way the book indicates that Bella loves to read and came from advanced level classes at her old school.

  13. Everyone has their own opinion about how Bella is... But if the person has read all 4 books, they could understand Bella more. If the writer of this article thought that every girls love life is going to be like Bella's then she's not looking outside some of the girls' perspective. Some women are smarter than that. What's for real is as long as everyone doesn't look & expect a man just like Edward, then that person can have a healthy relationship. Men in relationships are not a fantasy, perfect or dreamy... I learned that if you are not happy with yourself & with who you are you won't appreciate the relationship you are in, that it can definately slip away...

    One of the reasons why I love the series is because I can get away from reality & but at some point, I could totally relate to Bella in "New Moon"... The pain & suffering of experiencing the loss of that first real love, which was mine 4 years ago, was devastating that I was in my low point... I was a caretaker of that relationship because I love taking care of others & not putting myself first. Not that I regretted it.. I loved being that.. However, I didn't look after myself more...During the low point, I slowly pulled myself back up & started to think about what I wanted in my life, career & love... Sure my first love never came back, but it made me think about how to put myself first above everyone else's need before I could take care of them.. Because in the end, if you're not fulfilling your needs, it could cost you the love you deserve in your life... A slow learning lesson for me...

  14. Think about what Bella FEEDS her dad ... very passive aggressive!

  15. You all probably don't go to feminist web sites and read what they have there but I do. Strangely many seem to have some sort of objection/fear of Twilight (book and screen play by women, directed by a woman). I sure don't get it. And then recently one of the Twilight objectors came out with an article that was all gaga over the fact that Tyra came out on her show with 10 pounds of professionally applied makeup and her "real hair" and how this was some sort of feminist magical moment for all women!?? Here is what I think, Twilight saga invites women to come as they are, put themselves in Bella's place and enjoy the hunkfest. This is a part of female sexuality which is taboo in our society. Women are only supposed to experience their sexuality by obsessing about how they look and seeking male approval, not by enjoying men, so Twilights taboo breaking frightens people. As far as Twilight poisoning womens perception of their real life, many women rightly perceive their real life as poisoned with or with out Twilight.


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