September 8, 2009

Is New Moon Premiering in LA on November 16th?

Well, that is what Mann Theatres reports! Cullen Boys Anonymous dug up this cool information. If you were tempted to try to attend, Twilight Lexicon shares the following policy around attending the premiere:
As the Mann website states, they do not sell/give out tickets to premieres. That goes through the studio. Premiere tickets are usually only given to those directly involved with the film, their staff, and those with entertainment industry connections. So please do not call the theater looking for tickets.

Last year fans were able to line the fringes of the red carpet. They camped out for about three days to do this. we don’t know whether that will be allowed again.
Read more at Twilight Lexicon.


  1. Lucky you that knows when is the in Puerto Rico I haven't seen a poster neither the movie in the Coming Soon section of Caribbean Cinemas! :-(

  2. Hey!

    I posted the link to the Mann theatres' upcoming events page in the comments of your first post about the premiere... like 4 days ago!! =(

    Still, no confirmation from Summit yet.

    @Ismarie Hola! Nothing about New Moon in Puerto Rico yet? :-O The poster has been in my local cinema for weeks and they started showing the trailer when Harry Potter 6 opened on July.

    Un saludo cariñoso desde Chile pa' todas las fans boricuas =O)



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