September 2, 2009

Ireland's first Twilight themed event plus Q&A with Solomon

As creator of Team Solomon I'm thrilled that Sol will be appearing at Ireland's first Twilight themed event - the "New Moon Release Party" on November 15th!

I'm planning on going so let me know if I'll see you there - you can buy your tickets here

If you can't make it to Dublin, you can submit your questions to ask Solomon:

We will select the best, most creative questions to ask Solomon live on stage at the event. Please include your name if you would like to be mentioned with your question. Please submit all questions to: with "Question for Solomon" in the subject bar.

Thanks Twilight Events

- Lorabell


  1. I'm a little confused, the guy had like two lines and 1 minute of screen time in Twilight. And he's not in the rest of the series. What's the hype around this guy?

  2. OMG
    I love Solomon.
    How very very cool.
    I can't wait for the full report.

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaay!
    SOMETHING bout twilight in ireland .... ahhh i dont really get the solomon dude though!??!



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