September 23, 2009

Burger King New Moon Goodies: I May Just Have to Eat a Whopper or Two

Summit and Burger King inked a deal to have a joint New Moon promotion, starting November 16th:

For fans hungry for another bite of the "Twilight" film franchise, Burger King Corp. is revealing a few details of what will be available in participating BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide this November as part of its multi-faceted "New Moon" promotion. A special gift of holiday value, which guests will receive free (while supplies last) with the purchase of a BK BURGER SHOTS® six pack value meal, will be packed full with "New Moon" merchandise offers, retail coupons and collectible cards. Additionally, a series of limited-edition "New Moon"-themed BK® Crown Cards featuring stars from the film are available for purchase at BURGER KING® restaurants and online at Once acquired, these collectible gift cards, which have a $5 minimum limit, can be loaded at BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide. These exclusive items are just a glimpse of what will be offered in BURGER KING® restaurants and are sure to be a hit with "Twilight" fans looking for hot gifts this holiday season. More information will be revealed in early November when the promotion launches in BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide.

“Curiosity among fans has continued since our exclusive ‘New Moon’-themed BK® Crowns hit the Comic-Con scene in San Diego in late July,” said Cindy Syracuse, senior director, cultural marketing, Burger King Corp. “While full promotional details are still to come, we can confirm that beginning Nov. 16, BURGER KING® restaurants will offer guests access to a number of limited-edition, movie-themed offers and merchandise.


Thanks, Coral!


  1. Is this only in USA?
    Or also in Holland??

  2. i hate the burger shots...

    but i'll force them down my husband's throat. :)

  3. I was planning on stopping in there and bugging them for dates, so thanks for saving me the trouble! Um, I just want a crown! I have to wait until the 16th?! fooey!

    P.S. that "the king" dude creeps me out. {{{shudder}}}

  4. umm eww I don't eat beef but I'll be buying this stuff and doing who knows what with it just to get NM shiz. lol. Wow us Twi-hards are such easy selling targets. It's ridiculous. :)

  5. Since when do customers pay for the BK crowns.. it better be $1 or I'll cause a scene! LoL

  6. Ummmm... yeah.. I got my crowns at Comic Con but it is ridiculous that they're trying to nickle and dime people. TSK TSK.
    On another note, they should totally do those awesome plastic watches like they used to make for Star Wars. THe ones that came in the tin can. I LOVED THOSE!

  7. that burger king guy freaks the crap out of me..

  8. I think I'm going to have to feed my brother BK for awhile

  9. Hahaha, that burger king scares the crap out of me! Those commercials where he wakes that girl up in the middle of the night. I would've pissed my pants if I woke up seeing him. I'm not a big fan of BK, but I'll stop by and give the meat patty to my dog or something.

  10. Oh doll! Please remind us when the time comes 'cause I'm ALL over this! :)


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