September 29, 2009

Hot Topic New Moon Merch - I want the green dress sooo bad!

Preview at Hot Topic available October 1st!

Thanks TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. Checking out the tee's, my Mam popping up behind me says "He's nice isn't he" about Rob! She knows my secrets ;) or maybe she has some of her own lol!

  2. The green dress is so pretty!!
    People will think i'm a dork if I buy one won't they?

  3. I'll be the only one wearing that at the premiere, right??? because I hate when other people wear what I'm wearing...

    : )

    but that really is a great dress - how much of a geek am I that I am absolutely going to go and see if I can squish my non-tween self into it??? I may need to bring JJ in case I get stuck - literally (hey - it happens).

  4. OMG YAAAY! I totally LOVE that green dress...hmm and I totally have an occassion coming up :) hehehe

  5. I'm not really into merch-stuff, but who doesn't need an Edward shopping bag? And an Edward tee, and... is there more Edward stuff? *evil grin*

  6. Love the dress and the cord jacket...can't bring myself to wear t's with their faces though (Mr. Swiss might throw food at my head or burn the shirts while I'm sleeping). Ha!

  7. Wolves!
    I am SO on this.

  8. I really hope they end up selling some merch with the other wolf pack members.



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