October 1, 2009

Halloween with some Twi-hotties? Yes please!

According to TwiFans you can book "The Pool After Dark" (I'm confused as to whether this is an actual pool!) in Atlantic City for Halloween with with Edi, Chaske and Alex.

The perfect reason for your Twilight costume - yeah right, as if you needed one ;)

- Lorabell

P.s. Have you heard Chaske's voice yet?! Dang!


  1. If I was trying to get pregnant I would put his voice on loop because I'm for sure that Chaske's voice brings on ovulation among other things that I can't bring myself to type.

  2. The Pool is the pool area at Harrah's Atlantic City. It's also a night club on certain nights and hosts celebrity guests from time to time. It's a fabulous tropical paradise, I've been there 3 times and hubs and I <3 it muchlysome. It has a 90ft glass cieling and is always 80 degrees, there are 6 hot tubs and a pool which is somewhat heated. There's also a bar and lots of comfy chairs and cabanas to chill in.

    EEEP! I so want to go!

  3. TJB said... Chaske's voice brings on ovulation.
    LMFAO!!! That's a new one! Never heard that before!!

  4. If only Twitter made it possible for one to talk their twits. I would sit there and replay all of Chaske's tweets: https://twitter.com/THEREALCHASKE

  5. Oh
    Shirtless wolves on Halloween!
    Now THAT is how I wish I could celebrate Halloween!

  6. what? no I haven't heared his voice before, where can I hear it? I guess he said "easy" in the trailer but that doesn't really count..
    I'd LOVE to celebrate Halloween with a couple of half-naked wolves!

  7. What can I say about Chaske voice after having spoken to him. It is just great!!!!!


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