September 8, 2009

Favourite Rob video ever?

I spied this over at Letters to Rob who are celebrating their 10 month anniversary today with their top 10 best LTR moments -congrats gals!

This video came in at number 4 and is a definite contender for my favourite ever - it's up there with The Best Hug in the World Ever, the schmexy Vanity Fair shoot and Roblicious US Weekly shoot

Check out Letters to Rob for the rest of the count down :)

- Lorabell

P.s. I think my brain just melted from Rob-overload (who knew there was such a thing?!) ... totally worth it!


  1. Wow..... just wow!! *Can't find anything intelligent to say, my brain is frazzled*


    Thanks Lorabell :) x

  2. sometimes i get tired of robs face. Lol.
    But bring on the taylor shirtless. ow!

    Now will go hide under rock because i know a mob of angry robward fans are gonna ambush me.

  3. Think I can breathe again now, was dazzled for a minute! Enough to form a half decent response, anyway.....
    I'm not that keen on the US weekly shoot vid. 350 pics of Rob in under 2 mins is def a contender but I still think my fave is the Vanity Fair one, probably because it's set to beautiful music too :) xx

    Thanks again Lorabell, this made my day after reading all the nasty comments people are writing on other posts :(

  4. No wonder you're anonymous on that comment about being tired of Rob's face!!

    Dude, I didnt think it was possible to love him more than I already do because believe me I DO LOVE HIM!!
    But but but but... oh i cant say anything!! completely speechless.
    They go a bit too fast though i didnt get enough time to appreciate his beautiful face!!!!

  5. So much Rob! I love it- drool!!!!! What a beautiful face and I will never get tired of looking at it. Would someone do this of Kellen too?

  6. God...who cares? you stupid Team Edward fans only like him cause he plays Edward..hes os boring looking and not that attractive..clearly Taylor is more fun and better looking inmy opinion...theres nothing even special about rob..he is totally least Taylor can actually make Kristen LAUGH

  7. aaah... all the pretty pictures. I can't get over those beautiful eyes, the hair, the killer cheek bones. "Sigh"

    Hot looking guy alright.

  8. I had to take my contacts out so I could watch without blinking. Great video!

  9. Gah! Rob seizure! I was afraid to blink. Haha! Although, I did kind of miss the whole lingering on his face thing. I mean, that's just too much Rob-goodness to really take in so quickly.

    And just a quick aside to the person who doesn't like Rob: I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, I just wanted to say that it's not true that we all just like him bc he plays Edward. I don't get where the angry accusations are coming from... And as for your opinions that he's boring looking and not attractive, they are just that - your opinions. So, there's no need to put down other people for their opinions. Everyone has different taste.

    Sigh, I just don't get the Team whoever animosity. Can't we all just like who we like peacefully?

  10. My mouth opened so wide I hurt it! (That's what she said!) Awesomeness!!!!

  11. And there we have it :-)

    I am so glad I took time to watch it before going to work. (Where I can't watch vdieos, might think about getting a new job;-))

    Now I know this is going to be a great day!

  12. nice pics but too bad for the gay music

  13. @Anonymous 7:14 PM: As s.o. mentioned above, you are entitled to your opinion. I personally am put off, however, by your assumption that those of us who find Rob gorgeous do so because we're Team Edward. Fyi I'm not team anything, but I am Robsessed to a frightening degree; find the guy to be pure sex, have never confused the man with the role and seriously doubt whether Taylor will have Rob's edge when he grows up. As for making Kristen laugh, I recommend you look up some of the Rob-Kristen videos from the good old days before Twilight came out.

    @Anonymous 8:09 AM: It's the middle of the week and perhaps I'm a little slow on the uptake today but what in the hell is 'gay music'? Is that sth like polkas or Viennese waltzes or whatever? I guess, though, for such a definition it rocked too hard a beat.

  14. breathe. just breathe.
    there really are NO words to describe him. NONE!

  15. im just sick of hearin bout this guy ugh..hes so ugly!! he looks like a freaking ostrich! and seriously i agree with Anonymous said at 7:14 something like that...u guys do only like him cuz he plays Rob cause everyone staretd a whole riot when he was casted so dont say any of that crap that you actually liek him..the guy has no personality wat so ever...hes just an idiot...just liek his character...but i like Rob better than Edward ughh flithy bloodsucker...idk how u ppl love him..hes a moron!! i cant find any websites for Team Jakes so im stuck on webs like this and hearing all you stupid Team Edwards saying 'HOLY CRAP ROB IS SO HOT!!! OH MY GODC EDWARD MARRY ME!!! BACK OFF GALS!!" its really freakin annoying
    no one liked Rob when he was casted
    and all u care bout is his looks..but he just looks like a bit bum to me who only got that haircut to hide his greasepit of a hair

  16. i meant u only liek rob cause he plays Edward

  17. Team Jacob...might i suggest if "your stuck here on this website" that you don't click on anything to do with Rob or edward then. You don't have to spout your crap here where Rob is LOVED.

    Might i also suggest that you look harder for a Taylor/Jacob website....they are out there....but just a few because he's not popular at all, even though you might think so....he's not

  18. do i care if hes popular? good i want him to be unpopular do u think i releeee care bout that? nd too bad cu cant make me do anything


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