September 4, 2009

Fansite Fridays' Chris Weitz Interview

Twilighters Anonymous shares Part 1 of their interview with Chris Weitz.
How is the transition from your version to Catherine Hardwicke’s film? Sometimes when directors change there is a big change. You can tell from the style. What kind of style do you bring to this film?

Chris: I think the biggest change would be that I am a bit of an old fogy. I’m old-fashioned and I think Catherine is very “fashion forward” and conscious of a pop sensibility. I am more tied to the old-fashioned romantic films. So that would be, if you were a film nerd, you would notice the palate of the film, the camera work. I am a lot less likely to use hand-held cameras than Catherine Hardwicke is. Things like that, they are more stylistic differences than my kind of “taking it and throwing it away.”

Read the entire transcript at Twilighters Anonymous.

Thanks, TA!


  1. Ooo the more he talks about it the more excited I become.

  2. I love when he says, "I am more tied to the old-fashioned romantic films."
    Amen brotha!
    Me too.

  3. That sounds wonderful. I can't wait. Perhaps Chris and David will create such great films that I will no longer have to hide my obsession for the mediocre Twilight.

  4. Chris Weitz is pretty witty. He always cracks me up. My favorite quote:

    If you have too much Edward, it will be a terrible thing because you want the audience to experience that longing as well, and if you have too little Edward...I'LL BE HUNTED DOWN AND KILLED.

  5. I think Chris will have done an amazing job with New Moon. I'm a traditionalist at heart and with all of the films had that style. It suits the books and the characters (how old the vampires are, Bella's love of romantic literature, Edward's gentlemanly manner etc...) x :)

  6. The more he talks, the more promising the movie seems. A director who is tied to the old-fashion romantic films AND is aware of our need to see Rob but still stay true to the book, well that's just perfect!

  7. Team Weitz! I agree with the first comment--each interview with him makes me super excited and gives me hope that it will have been done right this time.


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