September 23, 2009

Dun, dun, dunhh: Eclipse is Gonna be Darker

Melissa Rosenberg dished to E!Online about Eclipse's dark turn:
Twi-screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg says there's absolutely no doubt the third flick in the vampire franchise is taking a darker turn.

And she credits the storyline and director David Slade for that...

"David has a darker sensibility, so it clicks," Rosenberg said. "The story has a slightly darker tone. I mean, it goes into a full-out battle, so it is darker in the nature of what it is. David was the perfect director for it."

Source: E!Online


  1. I can't wait and kinda like the picture above :) I'm dying for the tent scene.

  2. Mmm...kissing a wolf....kinda freaky....might have been better if it was a shadow of a man with the head of a wolf she was kissing.

  3. Have you noticed how unaturally Kristen's fingers look while she is touching Robert? Ewww But i love the poster looks sweet other wise.

  4. I know that Mr. Slade has the darker side covered it's the physical side that I'm worried about... and I'm not talkin' vampire on vampire kind of physical, but more Edward on Bella kind of physical.;)

  5. I totally agree. Eclipse is my favorite book and I will be disappointed if David Slade forgets that this is the book where they get engaged... AND have an awesome leg hitch scene. Please don't leave out the good stuff, David!!!

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