September 2, 2009

Dances With Wolves: Geeks of Doom's NJ Twilight Convention Report & Photos

Fans got to dance with the Wolfpack :-)

Geeks of Doom has a great write-up of some of the funny highlights from last weekend's Twilight convention in NJ.

When asked about funny moments during filming, Alex shared a story about teaching Kiowa to throw a punch… during which Kiowa caught him off guard and landed one flat on his nose. He had to decide whether to “kill him or not” and Kiowa said he told him he knew how to throw a punch. Chaske’s moment came during the scene where Bella hits him in the chest because she’s angry for Jacob. He said he didn’t want to say anything at the time, but she was really hurting him…and he was actually sore the next day. Acting the manly man, however, he took it like a champ and told Kristen he was surprised at what a good punch she could throw. He said Kristen wasn’t surprised — she’s got three brothers so she’s had a lot of practice.

In a later Q&A session, the Wolf Pack actors talked about the paparazzi and how they come out of nowhere. Alex said that one guy popped out of a dumpster and while he and the others were startled and took awful pictures, Taylor just stood there and posed his best wolf poses… he said the kid can’t take a bad picture. I’m inclined to agree.

Edi Gathegi, bad vamp Laurent from Twilight and New Moon, is a seriously funny guy… who knew? He was asked about performing the scenes with the wolves, to which he replied he didn’t actually perform with them since the wolves were all CGI… he was actually performing with cardboard cows. Yup, a production assistant holding up a cardboard cow on a stick was a stand-in for the giant CGI wolves. He went off in a girl voice as if she was watching the movie, “I see cows in his eyes, not wolves, I want my money back, he’s seeing cows,” hysteria ensued.
Read the rest and see more pics at Geeks of Doom! [via KStew411]


  1. OMG
    They got to dance with the wolves?
    I'm horribly jealous now.

  2. Um....why cows and not cardboard wolves on a stick...........????

    HELLO Laurent is running from WOLVES....NOT cows....(teeheehee....running from cows...) hahahahahahahahha.....the imagery!

  3. Hmm, I would have paid through the nose to dance with Chaske. How sad is my life?

  4. @TJB- Can you imagine him saying something in your ear with that delicious voice of his? I would be a puddle at his feet, lol.

  5. @Pinky - I know, his voice is super sexy and he is plus 30, so I'm loving that, but it isn't real and it's gross because I would be paying for it.

  6. LOL@TJB- No kidding, but it's always fun to imagine.

  7. Howl!! very cool, hope noone got bit:-))

  8. That is some lucky girls! Honestly how cool is the cast? It seems like most of them (wolfpack boys, Pfach, Taylor etc.) go out of their way for the fans:-)

    “I see cows in his eyes, not wolves, I want my money back, he’s seeing cows,” Ha ha hilarious :-D

    (And yes, I'll be claiming my money back, if I don't see big-a** wolves in the movie! You hear me Summit?)

  9. Hey, thanks for linking to my article! I had so much fun and I can't freakin' wait to go back next year!

  10. I thought Kristen only had one brother?

  11. OMG so jealous right now...
    The wolves are so sweet can't wait 2 c them in new moon!!!


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