September 24, 2009

Twigs, Sausages, etc.: Christian Serratos Models YMI Obsessed's Latest Skinny Jeans

I saved this pic file as "Twig" because Christian Serratos is a total twig (said with great affection); I don't think I could fit my arm in one of those pant legs.

Christian visited YMI Obsessed's offices and got to check out YMI's latest line of pants that would make me look like a freaking sausage cute Skinny Jeans. See more photos and check the jeans out here!


  1. She is so friggin' cute - I'm jealous of those skinny legs but more so jealous of her lips. Good Lawd she has a lovely pucker.

  2. *sigh* those jeans looks sooo cute damn! I hate her!! haha she's soo cute and have an amazing body...I hate her! :-)


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