September 11, 2009

Chaske Gives Lorabell & TwiCrack Addict a Shout-out while Talking Tats

Radaronline has a new exclusive interview with Chaske Spencer where he talks about his chemistry with Tinsel Korey, working with KStew, and about what the WolfPack tattoos mean:

Radar: We are friends with a fansite and Lorabell from wanted to ask you question - What do you think about the wolf-pack tattoo - and do you know whether it's meant to be a "birth mark" kind of thing - especially considering the wolves heal and so might not technically be able to be tattoood once they've transformed?

Spencer: Wow, what a great fan! Hello to Lorabell at Twicrackaddict! That is a deep question and I never thought about it! I learn something new every day! I've read the books, where did that tattoo come from? We're all talking after the film is over the Wolf pack might get tattoos. We all have tattoos, they're addicting. It would be nice to take off to a tattoo parlor after the installment is over. We talk about it. I really like the tattoo, if you really look at the design it's two wolves. Maybe it's an imprint? Maybe it's an imprint of the wolf god, the one that was a shape shifter in ancient times.

Read the rest at Radaronline!

Woot, woot!


  1. Oh Lorabell :-)That's just fantastic :-D You go!

  2. ummm i think the important thing here is that he said they "all have tattoos"... TAYCOB HAS A TATTOO!?!?!?! where?! what is it!??! omg can i seeeeeee!!!?????!?!?!!?!

  3. oh also congrats on the shout out. lol.

  4. 1. OMG Chaske said your name. *sigh*
    2. He's sooo cool.
    3. Love him and loved this.

  5. Congrats on the shout out!! Taylor has a tat- I want to see it too!!:))

  6. Very deep question indeed! :)sounds a bit like he was stumped.

  7. homeboy did straight-up NOT answer yer question. it's okay though cuz he's so fine.


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