September 10, 2009

Chaske - "I’ve never been so body conscious until I landed this role"

Radar Online interviews Chaske-Aplhawolf-Spencer, talking about "Wolf camp" and on-set competitions between the pack - as well as Rob (who knew he could lift so much? Yummy! I knew those abs weren't painted!) - here's an excerpt:

Radar: I understand that Chris Weitz said for the last movie you guys did Wolf Camp? Tell me about that?

Spencer: Yeah, I like the choice of words, Wolf Camp. It was like a basic training. I had been going to the gym before I went up to Vancouver and just to keep in shape I go to the gym regularly but when we got there it was a whole different beast all together.
They got us a trainer, and he had helped out the actors in 300 get in shape. It was really cool, me and the other guys, the wolf guys, we were pretty jacked that we were working out with the guy who was affiliated with 300. I think we were more excited about that than anything else.
So what they did is he threw us into circuit training and muscle confusion workouts and we hit it pretty hard for about an hour and hour and a half. First thing in the morning that’s what we’d do. And then we just eat all day. It’s pretty much four to six meals a day plus three to four protein shakes a day as well.

Radar: Do you spend all of your time staring at yourself in front of the mirror?

: You should see us on set! It’s so bad! We’re shirtless throughout most of the movie and we’re constantly doing the push ups and the sit ups between takes. We look in the mirror and say, ok, I can probably work THIS a little bit more, maybe 50 more crunches, I can loose that, I look at my bicep and check out Taylor ’s. It’s funny, it’s really funny. The other cast members laugh at us, it’s pretty hilarious. I’ve never been so body conscious until I landed this role.
As for a vampire, you know I like the fact that the vampire is very mysterious; they’ve got that skinny rock star thing going on. I remember when I was a kid I read all the Anne Rice books and she romanticized the vampire and I though those were really good...

Radar: You said that you like that the vampire is the cool skinny guy. Rob is basically the only guy in the show that isn’t working out in between scenes because he’s not buffing up, right?

Spencer: No, actually he was training with us.

Radar: Did he go to Wolf Camp?

Spencer: No, he did Vampire Camp! I don’t know what his workout regimen was but he would show up before or after us because we were on two different shooting schedules during New Moon and most of the vampires, I met them for dinner once but then boom, we all went our separate ways to work. I would hear the trainer say oh Rob lifted this much weight, and I’d say really?

Radar: Would you want to lift more than Rob?

Spencer: Yes! There was this competition one day we went into the gym, we have this rowing machine and I really busted my ass and I got a high record on it and I was like, yeah, beat that! Because the wolves are really competitive with each other in the gym. Then the next day I came in and Rob beat me by four seconds! Then filming was done and I never got to go back and try to up that.

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- Lorabell


  1. Man. I would have LOVED to work at wolf camp.

    Powers that be if you're reading this. I would make an excellent water girl!

  2. OK I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but has anyone else noticed Rob's face is way skinnier now than in Twilight? Put some meat back on those bones Robbie!

  3. Yeah, Anon...Rob does look a little sickly.

    All Spencer's interviews should have audio clips added. I love hearing him speak.

  4. Yessss! See, we knew Rob was the man.

  5. Rob? I'm looking at our Alpha!!!

  6. LMAO Rob beat the wolves!! How come i'm really enjoying that comment lol.

    ROB you are the man lol


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