September 22, 2009

Cam's new movie... is a musical?

According to Perez, Cam's new movie role is in musical "Burlesque" opposite Cher and Christina Aguilera:

"It's about a girl from the Midwest who moves out to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a singer," explains Cam. "Obviously, it's Christina Aguilera, so she has an amazing voice. She finds a club run by Cher, a burlesque club. And she takes it to a whole new level and, of course, meets me — the love of her life."
The film has been highly anticipated since it was announced last June and the hottie may be just what the movie needs by way of teenage girl appeal.
"I am a struggling piano player, and I'm currently working as a bartender at Cher's burlesque club," said Gigandet of his character. "Christina and I meet, fall in love, and drama ensues."

Thanks Live Love Twilight via Georgia

- Lorabell


  1. How bizarre? That's the most random pairings or three-some in a movie.

  2. mm.. I wonder if he'll be a shirtless bartender... or a tight-shirt-wearing pianist. hrmmm... ^_-


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