September 9, 2009

Cam Gigandet to Appear Nekkid in Next Film

Cam Gigandet & His Adorable Little Family: What is it about Men + Babies? :-)

See more pics of Cam & Fam shopping in LA at Just Jared. We also learn that Cam will be completely Nekkid in his next film:
Cam’s next movie to be released will be the alien sci-fi horror flick Pandorum. Recently, the producer of the film, Paul Anderson, shared a little bit with MTV about the role Cam plays in the film.

“For fans of Twilight, there’s a scene where Cam’s completely naked,” Paul said. “He’s covered in blood, of course. There’s more Cam nudity in this than there is in Twilight!”
Thanks, Coral!


  1. I keep seeing previews for that movie and I just couldn't place the lead guy even though he looked really familiar! Finally, I know who it is!

  2. Random thought: His girlfriend reminds me of Colbie Callait.(sp?)

  3. did anybody see cam in the movie Unborn??..mmm schmexy :)

  4. My other love is science fiction, can't wait to see this movie and then as an added bonus a nekkid Cam- what more could I ask for:)) a nekkid Twilight cast would be great:))!!


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