September 17, 2009

Billy Burke interview at the PlayBoy Mansion... no really!

(Scoot to 1.56)

Busted Daily caught up with Billy "Bring him in" Burke playing some poker for Aces and Angels at the PlayBoy Mansion... I kinda miss the 'stache :(

Thanks Raggs

- Lorabell

P.s. Watch your volume - the interviewer's a little excited ;)


  1. LOL you would think an interviewer would know where to hold the microphone

  2. i just love how cool he is. ive watched this over and over again i love him

  3. I love Billy too! He's so real and he is truly a fan. You can just tell that this isn't just another job for him, I really think he does love vampires as much as... OK, well not as much as we do, but he does love this series. :)

  4. JEALOUS! I've always wanted to go to the Playboy Mansion... I know that's so weird seeing as Im a girl and everything...LOL

    he's lucky :)

  5. is it just me or did billy seem a little.. jerk-ish in this interview?

  6. Wow he really is a cutie!! His real personality is so different from the dad character in Twilight- he really does a great job at acting!!

  7. @ Heidi Ho:

    I know! He's way different than daddy Swan. He is really good actor.


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