September 8, 2009

Aw, non-scary tween-modelling Rob!

Yes, that's really him - check out the fingers-through-hair habit, the early version of that smouldering stare from underneath his brow, the budding jawesomeness and... the fingers!

I feel a bit wrong talking about a 12 (well, OK 16... ish) year-old in this way but we all know what he grew into...

Woah yeah!

Thanks Twilight Poison

- Lorabell


  1. 1st pic = Awwwww what a cutie :)
    2nd pic = Fnaaaaarrrrrrr What a hottie!!!! ;)

    Thanks Lorabell x

  2. @Sparkles: I couldn't have said it better myself... FNAR!
    - Lorabell

  3. Thanks for posting!

    I agree. 1st pics-adorable! Latest pic-wow, is it illegal to be this hot? Did the temp go up a few degrees in here? Seriously.

  4. oh my... That last pic is hot!
    He's like my age in the first pics... I don't think i would have thought he was cute if i went to school with him.

  5. I'm amazed (and thankful) that Disney didn't discover him back then. He was such a cutie-patootie!

    @Sianna - reason #9,999 to stay away from boys before they grow up. You never know what you're gonna get. FWIW, if Rob had gone to my high school, I would've followed him around like a puppy. :)

  6. it's that goddamn dazzle look on the first one on the bottom again. Just when i thought i could recover from he last you do THIS to me!
    Nice one lorabell! Thank you!! He meeds to be locked up for the safety of others aha, Or just lock me up with him, I certainly would NOT mind!! Officer? Please??? aha :)


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