September 17, 2009

Ashley says Eclipse might be "gorier"

Read the full interview over at MTV

Via Twilighters

- Lorabell


  1. I for one am afraid Slade is using Eclipse to make this huge franchise turn into a horror movie. I dont know about anyone else, but it sure seems that way. He better include all the other elements, balancing everything out evenly, or its going to completely ruin it.

  2. I don't think it will be a horror movie, but I think it might be on the darker side. A little different from Twilight and New Moon- at least in the book we really see the vampires and wolf pack in greater detail as to what they really are/can be etc. Still has the love story,but with a little more truth to the life Bella's character is choosing. I agree with Anony- I hope it is balanced out as well as the book is- it is one of the most pivotal books in the series.

  3. Well this book is darker than the other two...I indeed hope that he doesn't mess with the story too much because it could damage everything...Obviously I hope they get to film Breaking Dawn too...can you imagine that they stop in Eclipse and left us hanging?? That would be terrible!!!

  4. @ Ismarie: Oh no, don't even say it out loud :-(

    As I see it right now, they should bring back Chris Weitz for BD, NM seems like it's going to be so good.

    It is off course kind of irritating with the switch of directors for each movie, I fear we'll have 4 way too different movies. I love Twilight and NM seems to be just over the top, but it's already very clear, it's going to be 2 very different movies.

  5. Ok, just had such of a daydream here at the office... If Eclipse will be more on the darker side, could we then change the plot just a tiny bit? I'm thinking Eric Northman visiting with the Cullens, fighting with them:-D

    Please don't throw things at me, but, uhm, if I could get my Twilight and MY Eric Northman, Oh my G! Just a tiny bit of Eric please????

  6. I'm all for a darker vibe,(even if that means a little more gore)and more guy friendly (meaning action)as long as the Bella/Edward love story is still the main focus and heart of the movie. And yes I think balance is key.

    @ *D* Twi-lover: Well I don't think an Eric Northman appearance would be a good mesh in the Twilight world. But I'm with ya on lovin' Mr. Northman.... he is my 2nd favorite vamp, I think we can all guess who comes in 1st... LOL!

  7. @ THparkle: I know, I feel like such a traitor :-/ But I can't think straight when it comes to him, he's pure s-e-x ;-) He might even take nr. 1 here *LOL* But Robward I do love you too!

    Anyways, it might turn out bad, if he did make an appearance in Eclipse. Nobody wants to watch a grown woman lick the screen in the theater :-D

  8. Well, Eclipse is definitely the darkest of all books. I remember it getting pretty gory towards the end. Like, seriously gory, borderline "wtf, Stephenie?" - I mean, there were heads rolling, okay? Heads rolling. 'Nuff said.

    So as afraid as I may be about the choice of director, I believe Slade will do a good job depicting the darker side of the saga.

    What I am most concerned about is the wardrobe/makeup department. Somebody needs to fix Bella's wig for yesterday.

  9. I agree with Jess. Slade is a good choice for Eclipse. Lets just pray he doesnt lose the romantic edge in the midst of all the terror.

    I feel like Stephenie didnt get gory enough during the newborn war. I understand it was from Bellas pov but from the wolves and Cullens pov it must have been pretty grousome. I love the line delivered from Edward in the tent, "We can hear Emmett from here...he's apparently enjoying himself." LOL!

    Alot of people assume that Eclipse is more about Bella and Edward trying to hammer out pre-marital details, but it's just not. It's actually a very dark book.

    1.Volturi watching Bella and the Cullens for any misteps.
    2.Jacob tormenting Edward for hurting Bella and holding the treaty over Bella and Edwards head. Yeah, he's a real winner.
    3.Victoria is salivating for Bellas blood while stalking her every move.
    4.Newborns are tracking Bella and the Cullens down.
    5.Bella is determined to become a vampire and makes plans for the transformation with Carlisle.

    So if that doesn't constitue for a dark ass movie nothing will. I am excited to see Slades take on the hovering threats. You have this fabulous love story of ultimate survival being threatened. I cant wait!

  10. Sooo... Guess theres no good news today on Eclipse or New Moon? This vid is from yesterday. I need UPDATES!

  11. I love how Weitz felt the need to convey the beauty, art and romance through rich color and how that will impact the entire mood of the film. NM is going to be amazing and you can already see that Weitz kept his word. I'm still sour at Slade for mocking the series and I feel like he doesn't have thesame kind of passion that Weitz had for the film. I hope he can pull it off. I agree with whomever said bring Weitz back for BD!!!


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