September 3, 2009

Ashley leaving VC

Splash News have more pics of Ashley heading out of the Couve - they also speculate she's done with filming for a while - even though Alice is fairly present in Eclipse.

Unless there's a big Twi-event that I'm not aware of, my guess is she's off on a mini-break to see her boy ;)

- Lorabell


  1. I'm loving those boots too!! I just love Ashley! I love her style! She and KStew can rock some awesome clothes!

  2. We'll miss you! But I know we will see you at many events:))

  3. I want those boots hehe...Ashley always has cute clothes ;)

  4. Ugh. What is it with the cast and the plaid?! It's like someone (Rob?) opened the Pandora's box and unleashed the plaid-plague. I'm sorry but Rob is the last person that should be allowed to make fashion trends (with the exception of Ray Bans - I've had them for 6 years and suddenly I can't stand them 'cause every teenage girl on the planet owns a pair now, including the whole cast).
    Ugh. He actually made them uncool.

  5. @anonymous 4:53:

    Say what? I so disagree, I love Rob's casual look! And I'm usually surrounded by business suits all day and don't complain. And wear your Ray Bans with your head high ;-) Fortunately over here, it's not that big a trend yet, only a couple of youngsters with wayfarer, so I wear my clubmasters with a smile :-D

    I think the cast rock the plaid trend, 90's back baby.

  6. Ash always looks so stunning and she rocks those boots! go girl. She can't be done filming yet, thats not possible. Thou Alice is in Eclipse less than in NM she's there more than Jasper,Rosalie, Emmett etc. so she can't be done filming yet. i don't believe it.


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