September 14, 2009

Anna Kendrick Likens Working on Twilight Saga to Summer Camp

Anna Kendrick was interviewed by HitFix about her upcoming impressive list of projects, as well as what it was like working on New Moon:
Q: Do you know if you'll be back for 'Breaking Dawn' if and when those movies happen?

It does feel like to us -- when I say 'us' I assume people know I'm referring to the human characters -- it feels like it's probably coming to a close. We appear in a dream sequence or one sequence in the book of of 'Breaking Dawn' so I don't know if we'll be back for it and we're only signed up for three, because the three books were only out when we made the first film. So, I don't know that we will be involved in 'Breaking Dawn,' but it's a really fun thing to go back to. Particularly when I go back for this short period of time it feels like I'm going back to summer camp and I'm seeing my friends from summer camp.
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Thanks, Coral!


  1. ...I admired her acting - she was just the girl I would have hated in class - but as she knew what she was doing, she did it very well...

    It's a pity, Facinelli - who did not impress me at all, it was ridiculous to choose a man so absolutely mediocre - turns out to get all the attention - and this girl, who showed up a few more scenes I think to remember - is just neglected...
    or ANGELA - who talks about her - being just wonderful - or - the teacher - I liked him very much - his appearances were longer than those of Facinelli, weren't they?????

    I always say to the people around me:

    "The one who sceams the loudest is not always the one who is right!!!"

  2. Whoa! Have you heard about all the good things Mr. Facinelli is doing with his now widespread popularity, so many charitable works, and he is a kind gracious person. Maybe some of the really young fans don't appreciate the "human" characters but I think we all are getting a glimpse of how really talented the whole crew is. They are all also very nice and down to earth. what did PFach ever do to you?

  3. Please don't flame me or send lightning my way for saying this -- I can see Anna as Bella. :-) Okay, I'm going to hide now from KStew fans. Please know that i don't mean offend anyone.

  4. I should have read the full interview before writing a comment, sorry. So she is going to film with George Clooney, that is something I am really glad about, I'm looking forward to watching that film.

    I have heard of all the good things Facinelli is doing, oh, yes, but he has got to do something do attract attention, because otherwise there wouldn't be much ...
    As a family Dad he needs to earn money, of course, but if I were a producer I would never choose anybody who needs cheap actions like that "bikini dancing" - twitter counts - this is ridiculous - and any person who got brains can easily look behind those actions...

  5. Great interview with Anna! I'm really happy for her & will be in her cheering section if she is nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress.


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