September 10, 2009

The Adventures of Rob's New Stoli Shirt (aka the best fricking fan story ever!)

I'm sure many of you are aware of Rob's Stoli shirt - check out ROBsessed for an extensive history of Rob and this tee...

Mmm, close up :)
Now, what you may or may not know is that a bunch of Rob bloggy buddies - headed by Jen from Random Acts of Rob - decided it was about time to put the the tee out of its misery, got together and sent Rob a sparkly (not in the Vampire way) brand new Stoli shirt...

Together with this letter...
And Stoli shirt watch was on!

And they waited...

And waited...

Then today, PFach Tweet this message
And now Rob's fan-mail address will be bombarded with even more tees, suspender pants, baseball caps... and girls' underwear!

- Lorabell #alexslemonade

P.s. On a totally unrelated note, I finally realized what unicorns mean today - and they're lemony too ;)


  1. what is it with the unicorns explain i really cant just understand it really. aha
    omg new Stoli, will be sad about the old one though!!:(

  2. Raggs - Unicorn = orgasm. I believe it originated via Bella from Wide Awake. I might be wrong.

    The Adventures of the Stoli shirt rocks! Ha ha!! So, is Lorabell alexslemonade? I'm completely Twittertarded.

  3. @Prodgersrn: AlexsLemonade is a charity Peter's been promoting - my Twitter is Lorabell (shocker!)
    - Lorabell ;)

  4. Yay, now Rob has the English language version of the Stoli shirt which means I can buy it now too! FYI - Russian language Stoli shirts - no longer in existence (which is probably why he keeps stitching it up). I am NUTS about that shirt!

  5. Wow, I'm totally excited to see this play out!!

  6. That's so awesome that P tweeted that Rob got the shirt. I was wondering if he even looked at his replies. Good to know and I love him for that! Can't wait to see when Rob wears the new shirt.

  7. yeah, cuz nothing says black tie event like a stoli t-shirt

  8. awesome! good to know he actually gets his fan mail too ;)

  9. Ha ha, what a a funny story :-) It would be so funny, if he actually wore it to the premiere...

    Now we only need Rob to deliver a tweet via Pfach :-D

  10. Are you reading Wide Awake? ;) 'Unicorn' does mean orgasm... yummy

  11. Great story- But love the old shirt!!

  12. Can you imagine what that poor shirt would go for at a charity auction?!
    i wonder if my retirement savings would be enough.....

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