August 24, 2009

Xavier Samuel Spends Time with Bryce Dallas Howard & Her Family

See more pics of Xavier hanging out with Bryce and Bryce's husband & son at Just Jared.

Thanks, AshleyTWA!


  1. It makes me sort of sad that in all of the pics of Bryce I've seen since the whole "Victoria" scandle, the only cast member she has been with is Xavier. It makes me wonder how the rest of the cast really feels about her, or her about them. They had so much chemistry with Rachelle. Sadness... I am trying to keep an open mind about the casting change. I see now why it was an issue. They are shooting Victoria scenes first and Rachelle is still in Italy.

  2. I really hope that Bryce will handle beind dangerous in a sexy, emancipated way...

    To Bryce's husband :how is it being introduced to a guy who made out with your wife and hasn't even got facial hair yet?

  3. Cute picture! Bryce is married with child and doesn't have a reputation as a bar hopper. I can't imagine she'd have a lot in common with the rest of the cast. I guess she hangs with Xavier so that they can feel comfortable with one another.

  4. I agree with Pinky.

    Also, Xavier and Bryce are both 'newbies' to the set, so they share that, anyway - - and that they're both also playing 'a team' onscreen might also add to it . . maybe a bit of "not hanging with 'your enemies' " going on?

  5. Pinky totally agree.JennJam maybe they are.Anon 8:29 AM -LOL!
    anon 7:47AM-Summit is really smart.*sigh*
    Bryce's baby is cute.Xavier is hawt as always!


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