August 25, 2009

Xavier + Ashley Headed to Work Today

Gossip Girls has pics of X and A heading to the Eclipse set today.

Thanks, Gabi!


  1. Xavier is really starting to tickle my taste buds. I mean putting him on the same level as Rob is probably a bit extreme and saying that I would be really getting ahead of myself. But dayum. I'm just sayin'...

  2. HEADING TO WORK??!! pfft.

    p.s. he's growing on me too ;)

  3. theyre definatly spotted together a lot lately..
    i mean i know theyre filming the same movie.. but still hmmm
    I<3 Ashley she too cute for words

  4. He's always wearing the same pants (it looks like) and with his belt to the side. Xavier put on some different pants every now and then. Still hot though :D

  5. @ THParkle- they all (the guys) seem to wear the same clothes over and over, but I guess if you go to work and change into costume- things can't get too dirty:))

  6. We needto keep in mind these kids are
    working out of suitcases. That's why
    they out shopping to buy things they left oh in
    say usa, australia, england, south america


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